A slight obsession with foodie snaps…

Running a food blog is always something I’ve wanted to do. I’ve thought about it a lot – scrolling through numerous beautifully written and photographed blogs there was always the niggling voice in the back of my head wondering if I could ever produce something similar. Of course, now that I’m here, I have very limited lofty aspirations.

As I tumble into exam term at the end of my second year at Cambridge University, my brain becoming increasingly overloaded with essay writing, career anxieties, and the general woes of a single uni student, all I really want is somewhere for me to feel in control. The kitchen is that for me, it is exciting and soothing all at once – nerve wracking and disappointing when yet another batch of macaroons come out of the oven flat, cracked, footless, burst open to an alarming degree – but ultimately the most reliable source of satisfaction in my life. Tucking into a delicious plate of gnocchi, watching my housemates apologise (but not really) for nibbling away (devouring) at the chocolate marbled banana bread sat on the counter top. Cooking makes me happy, it always has, as much as every young girl’s relationship with food is going to be a love/hate one, making, photographing, reading, and thinking about food has always been love, love, love, for me. 

So for my first post a little collection of food I’ve made over the last year, a shameless homage to my obsession with instagraming what I eat –  sue me, its fun!

Image  Image
 Millionaire’s shortbread                   Sweet potato gnocchi


Image  Image
Pulled pork buns                              Overloaded strawberry cake


Image  Image
Miniature mince pies                         Caprese Salad


Image  Image
Mushroom Ravioli                                Poundcake loaf



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