Seven Day Detox Diet: Prep day and Day 1

So to kick things off in true uncharacteristic fashion… a diet plan. Wha. First off, I do love to eat healthily – call it a byproduct of growing up in a food loving family (to a mother who cooks better than any professional chef I’ve tasted) but good food always translated to fresh, wholesome food to me. That isn’t to say I don’t appreciate a a duck leg poached in fat or a pizza at 4 am as I sob in the library (or freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, or a triple layered fudge cake glued together by peanut butter frosting… yeah that recipe is on its way don’t worry). But after a term of indulging comfort eating one too many times I’ve decided a week of treating my body nicely might be, well, nice. 

Now I’m not a dietician nor do I have any kind of expertise in nutrition this is just a plan I’ve devised for myself to see how my body feels, its not very limiting or anything just pretty much cutting out all the things I love in life and replacing them with food that is slightly better for me. See while I do eat healthily around 80% of the time I definitely eat too much diary, gluten, and red meat as I don’t limit myself for any moral or environment reasons (well I don’t eat steak and parmesan everyday but lets be honest thats more to do with my bank account than my conscience). Hence this diet, which is vegan and gluten free. 

Now I’m not sure how I’ll react to that, or if I’ll even stick to it… the plan I’ve devised does include a meal with fish in it as I’m assuming by the time I get to  friday I’ll be craving it and I’m not in the habit of depriving myself. The structure of the diet is a smoothie in the morning, a salad for lunch, and either (dully) another salad for dinner or something a bit more exciting (like the ridiculously delicious curried lentil recipe from Trader Joe’s its so simple and so damn good). I’m also a big believer in snacking throughout the day to make sure you don’t over eat during the traditional allotted meal times so I’ve got a massive vat of homemade hummus in the fridge and carrot sticks to munch on all week… and some peanut butter chocolate chip cookie dough bites because everyone deserves a bit of peanut butter but thats neither here nor there. In case anyone else feels the desire to do something like this in the future I’ve uploaded the plan that I’ve made for myself, which has a few of the recipes I’ve used listed at the end of it: 7 day detox diet plan

IMG_6918  IMG_6928

Now the two photos above are two of the salads that I’ll be loving and in no way getting sick of over the next couple of days. I mixed both of them with some quinoa and made up a big batch of curried lentils on sunday so the next couple of days will be easy, I find that if I’m cooking a new meal everyday I have the tendency to overeat as I pick at the food I’m preparing throughout the cooking process.


Now let me say something quick about this curried lentil stew from Trader Joe’s, as I’ve mentioned I don’t push myself to eat a vegan diet at all (I am, however, more conscious of my gluten intake) but this stew is so ridiculously delicious I’m jealous of anyone vegan who might have discovered it years before me. It is slightly spicy, intense in flavour, and has this kind of earthy, smokey background note. It’s also incredibly warming and filling, tucking into a bowl of this  last night, curled up in front of the telly watching Master Chef, was bloody delightful.

So yesterday was day 1 of my detox journey… and it was painless. Probably because I woke up at 1pm (don’t judge me). Because of my late start I skipped the smoothie and had lunch about an hour and a half after rising. I am also pushing myself to drink at least 70 oz of water a day, I have a 700ml bottle that I try to get through three times over and its a really easy way to always have water on me and keep drinking periodically. For dinner I had the curried lentil stew with a small side salad as I’ve already waxed lyrical over, and treated myself to one little peanut butter chocolate chip bite for desert.

IMG_1430  IMG_1441

There it is! I’ll post again tonight with my intake for day 2 and will probably try to post some more pleasurable recipes throughout this week to remind myself that there were days in my life where the kitchen was not all spinach leaves and kidney beans.


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