Seven Day Detox Diet: Day 2 and 3

I’ve decided to put day 2 and 3 into a single post, since I was out all day/evening yesterday and didn’t have a chance to access my laptop.

Day 2

Woke up feeling fine, immediately drank some water which quelled any hunger I might have had to make sure I didn’t just run downstairs and eat breakfast straight away… I say ‘eat’, mostly to pretend I’m not missing my mornings of elaborate oatmeal concoctions, but since all my breakfasts are in smoothie form this week I trotted downstairs to slurp down a spinach, peach and ginger smoothie. Not that I mean to down play how much I love this drink, I make it at least once a week at uni (if not more).

All I do is pop a handful of spinach, a 1/4 – 1/2 a can of tinned peaches*, grated ginger, almond milk and water (sometimes I do all ice water, or all almond milk, mostly its a splash or two of almond milk with a 1/4 cup of ice water).

2014-04-01 10.28.38

Since I’ve been home and therefore have access to coconut oil (I don’t have it at uni cause it is absurdly expensive in the UK) I added about half a table spoon of that as well, not only does it impart a subtle coconuty taste (which I love) but is chock full of health benefits!

As I mentioned I was out of the house all day so I packed up some carrot sticks and hummus, and a serving of my blackberry, butter bean and quinoa salad. Silly of me not to pack a third meal, but I was running late and sat in a movie cinema between 1-4 (watching a National Theatre live screening of War Horse, which still, even after reading the book, watching the film and seeing it live on stage a couple of months ago, makes me weep like a little baby).

I had a couple of hours to kill before the movie and meeting friends at the pub so had to resort to the typical student haunt: doing some work at the back of a coffee shop chain, hoping to remain unnoticed and not forced to buy multiple drinks. I felt peckish having only eaten carrots and hummus since breakfast, so munched on some grapes and had a unsweetened iced latte with soy milk. Right before meeting everyone I ate my salad as I didn’t want to be hungry whilst sat in the pub (I know I say that I like healthy food, but on an empty stomach, the smell of fried, greasy anything can become incredibly tempting).

Now after 2 days of eating extremely clean I was feeling fine, not noticeably healthier or anything, but fine. Until it reached around 9:30pm last night, I was suddenly so exhausted I actually thought I was going to just fall asleep right at the table. Which wasn’t very pleasant. Not really eager to stay out feeling so tired I quickly biked to the train station to head home, and crashed pretty hard once I got there…

Day 3

Unsurprisingly, considering how unbearably exhausted I had felt the night before, I slept in till around 10 o’clock but felt pretty good when I did actually wake up so woop! Maybe I’m over the brief hump and all those benefits of detoxing I keep reading about will kick in, oodles of energy and shockingly clear skin would go over pretty damn well right about now.

My breakfast smoothie was almond milk, mixed frozen berries, a bit of spinach and a squeeze of lime juice blended with some ice water – yum!

2014-04-02 11.30.43-3

Lunch was scheduled to be a serving of salad (A new one though! Look a shiny new cherry tomato, red bell pepper, kidney bean and quinoa salad!), but was worried about feeling as rubbish by the end of the day as I had yesterday so had it alongside half a steamed sweet potato (doused in some hot sauce but shhhhhh).

I actually far prefer this salad, the combination of avocado/blackberries in the other one (though tangy and enjoyable) gets incredibly wet after sitting in the fridge so is a bit mushier than I would like (this might also be to do with the fact that I have yet to master the art of cooking really fluffy quinoa). The combination of tart tomatoes, sweet peppers and balsamic vinegar was unbelievably delicious and the quinoa/kidney beans made it very filling – especially alongside some sweet potato (which if I remember correctly was a component of the original salad recipe).

2014-04-02 15.38.27

Finally for dinner I had another bowlful of curried lentil stew – my family roasted a chicken for dinner (which was torturous to sit near and smell but *sigh* we might suffer for our health) and had done some roasted garlic and carrots alongside it so I added a bit of that extra veg for additional flavour (the roasted garlic worked really well, next time I make this stew I might try to incorporate that flavour from the start).


Thats it! Another day down and just 4 to go, it’s been really enjoyable so far and encouraging to realise how little food my body actually needs to feel satisfied and full, as over eating and snacking unhealthily are two of the things I really want to eliminate from my life. 80% of the time. The other 20% will be full of absurdly delicious baked goods and treating myself to exciting restaurants, ya only live once after all 😉


One thought on “Seven Day Detox Diet: Day 2 and 3

  1. I’d have to work up the courage to down a drink that looked like that–certainly your descriptions are appealing though.

    I remember reading that War Horse was an excellent play. You are not alone in being moved by the production–I saw an interview that director Stephen Speilberg was affected the same way. After the showing, he met the performers and called his agent saying that making War Horse a movie had to be his next project.

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