Seven Day Detox Diet: Day 4 and 5

So this post is long over due… mostly because I felt a bit guilty since I failed. Ugh. Fail. Failure. What an awful word, one that I like to keep as far away from how I think about myself. I got to dinner on day 6 and was in the middle of making my brother a flatbread pizza for dinner when the smell of melting cheese and roast chicken kind of ruined any dedication I had. So I whipped up a healthier version for myself (wholemeal wrap as a base smeared with some tomato puree, turkey breast, diced green peppers and some parmesan on top) and dug in happily. To be honest, the only guilt I felt was at the prospect of having to make this post not because I’d eaten what I wanted to. If I’m being honest after nearly 6 full days of cutting out gluten, diary and meat I wasn’t feeling dramatically “cleansed” or anything like that…

I was glad for the experience, particularly as it pushed me to drink more water and taught me to be strict with my portions. There are definitely also some vegan meals that I will be making again, that lentil stew for one – as well as a vegan quinoa nori wrap that I made for lunch yesterday! (I’ll try and get the recipe up tomorrow)

Anyway below are photos of my intake for day 4 and 5 excluding the smoothie I made on day 4 as it was so delicious it’ll deserve its own post. Also I might have forgotten to take a photo before slurping it up. I mean… it was a banana peanut butter chocolate concoction can you BLAME me?

2014-04-04 11.54.19-1 2014-04-04 12.27.35-1

2014-04-04 20.21.30-1 2014-04-04 08.52.11

2014-04-03 13.41.47  2014-04-04 11.56.07

Top: Lemon & ginger infused water + Half steamed sweet potato & Quinoa salad with a side of fruit
Middle: Sautéed zuchini in tomato sauce on a bed of spinach + Peach, ginger and spinach smoothie
Bottom: Quinoa salad with carrot sticks & hummus + peanut butter chocolate chip cookie bites



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