Review: Borough Market

So my own personal version heaven would probably look exactly like Borough Market on a sunny sunday morning – right down to the overcrowded masses and scuffed pavements.

2014-04-12 10.14.08

And despite having thought about what a place entirely dedicated to my favourite thing on this planet must be like for what seems like eons – I only visited for the first time last month. Entirely by accident.

Getting off a stop too early on my way to a friend’s house I literally found myself standing in the above archway, staring up, mouth agape, and with only 10 minutes to spare before I would be late for meeting people. (The worst luck I know). 

2014-04-11 17.35.07 2014-04-11 17.35.13
2014-04-11 17.50.16 2014-04-11 17.44.54

However, I still valiantly rushed around trying to see as much as I could – including slurping down an oyster and eating, honest to god, the best ice cream I have ever had. Apple Pie flavoured Goats cheese ice cream. 

It had actual pie crust folded into the base, was sweet, sharp, and full of rich, warming (can ice cream be warming? I don’t even know, my mind was otherwise engaged in a litany of thoughts that basically went: omg where has this been my entire life why did I ever eat anything else EVER) apple and cinnamon flavours.

It was pretty much the best thing ever. So much so that I spoke about it all through the – very nice but not apple pie goats cheese ice cream nice – three course meal at my friend’s 21st that evening, and all through the rest of the night night (I may have had a glass of wine or two. Or seven. Whose counting anyway, it was an open bar gimmie a break?)

2014-04-11 17.51.24 2014-04-12 10.17.37
2014-04-12 10.25.42 2014-04-12 10.23.49
2014-04-12 10.23.45 2014-04-12 10.59.29

So, when I woke up on sunday morning to the shining sun and a blistering hangover I knew only one thing could ease my blinding headache and rumbling stomach – forcefully grabbing a friend, slinging my ridiculously heavy backpack over my shoulder, and rushing (as quickly as someone who wore 5 inch heels for 6 hours the night before could rush) back to my new found sanctuary. Where I spent 4 hours. And ate so much I think it might have been illegal.

From sizzling scotch eggs to a chocolate chip cookie the size of my head there was literally nothing I could think of that Borough Market didn’t have on offer – not only that, but you could sample all of it for free! Don’t get too cheeky though, going back once or even twice is okay… haunting that baklava stall because you’re pretty sure you’ve found God in its sticky, nutty interior is not. But then again, I’m shameless.

2014-04-12 11.19.30 2014-04-12 11.19.41
2014-04-12 11.43.01 2014-04-12 12.53.55
2014-04-12 13.38.38 2014-04-12 13.49.52

I’m still a bit baffled by the staggering amount of food that was on offer, I barely managed to taste a quarter of what my eyes (sadly much bigger than my stomach – and wallet, for that matter) were hankering after. Must tries for next time will HAVE to be the fresh pasta and a venison burger, I also have it on good authority that there is a sweet chilli chicken wrap tucked away in some corner that is out of this world.

I honestly couldn’t think of a better way of spending a morning (and I would recommend morning, as noon creeps up the crowds get massive and the queues get heart breaking… 11 o’clock is ideal for an early lunch). So whether you’re a London local, or simply visiting for the day, and want a very cool and relatively cheap lunch (a wrap or burger for around a fiver will fill you right up, especially  if you saunter around nibbling on cheese, bites of paella, and sampling ice cream flavours before and after) there really is no place better!

Or you could be like me and let all those kid in a candy store urges run free, spend over £25, stuff yourself till it nearly hurts and stretch out on some grass happily moaning about how you can’t keep living this life. Go on… no one’s judging you here 😉


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