Asparagus, Sugar Snap Pea and Ricotta Pasta


So England’s been doing what England does best for the last couple of days. Rain. Rainrainrainraaaain. My life has been effectively reduced to testing how quickly I can cycle to and fro the library, and obstinately keeping my curtains firmly closed while at home to try and block out the bleak outside world.

In a similar vein of avoidance, the food I’ve been eating has been uncharacteristically sunny – snacking on strawberries, trying to incorporate as much fresh fish as a student budget will allow, and using an absurd amount of green veg. This pasta dish from TopWithCinnamon screams all things ‘spring’ to me, it’s vibrant and fresh, with a little bit of tang… and so darn pretty.

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Review: Espresso Library Cambridge

With Afternoon Tease and Urban Shed opening up last year, and a new Hot Numbers cropping up on Trumpington Street, Cambridge certainly seems to be abundant with hip venues to get your coffee and quick lunch fix. As someone who unabashedly frequents all these places, the buzz surrounding the recently opened Espresso Library got me very excited…

IMG_1227 IMG_1226

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Review: Hunt & Darton Cafe Cambridge

This review was originally published on The Cambridge Student 


As sunshine tentatively peeked though Cambridge’s cloudy sky, cheekily promising a warm summer ahead, I found myself sat in a small café on Bridge Street watching a friend sprawled across a coffee table, mock smoking a vegetarian sausage, and having watercress chucked at her.

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Review: Borough Market

So my own personal version heaven would probably look exactly like Borough Market on a sunny sunday morning – right down to the overcrowded masses and scuffed pavements.

2014-04-12 10.14.08

And despite having thought about what a place entirely dedicated to my favourite thing on this planet must be like for what seems like eons – I only visited for the first time last month. Entirely by accident.

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Earl Grey Hot Cross Buns


So considering it has been nearly a week since Easter Sunday, it’s probably safe to say that this post is a little over due. But thats qualification is solely for people who seem to think eating Hot Cross buns is only an acceptable activity leading up to easter weekend and are happy to live bunless existences for the rest of the year.

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Jam Filled Butter Biscuits


As my dissertation deadline looms ever closer, my immediate reaction was, of course, to procrastinate by baking. Under the guise of my friends 21st I painstakingly made, decorated, and wrapped some coconut macaroons to give as a gift (though tasty, not some of the prettiest photos I’ve ever taken so that particular recipe might not make it up on this blog). Which meant I had egg yolks left in the fridge, and clearly the only logical solution was to just bake more.

These buttery little biscuits are absolutely adorable and incredibly easy to make (especially with the use of a food processor) – they are really great to have around if you often have people popping in for tea or would also make lovely gifts!


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Smoked Salmon and Poached Egg Breakfast Sandwich


This is barely a recipe post if I’m being honest, as nothing is weighed or cooked (aside from the poached egg… though I’d hardly constitute cracking an egg into water as ‘cooking’). Continue reading

Vegan Quinoa Nori Roll


In a complete 180° turn from my most recent post, and in an attempt to pretend like I didn’t have a third “malformed” cookie from the batch I made earlier, here is a little vegan, gluten free recipe from that week I tried (valiantly, yet unsuccessfully) to detox for 7 days straight. 

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Chocolate Peanut Butter Birthday Cake

Birthdays are, if nothing else, an excellent excuse to stuff yourself with an absurd amount  of cake.

Of course this isn’t constricted to your own special day – though I implore people to eat a damn good amount of cake when that rolls around too! So when one of my best friend’s birthdays cropped up I took it as an excuse to do something a little bit naughty in the kitchen.

2014-03-20 12.18.39

Naughty in the way only three rich, fudgy chocolate sponge layers jammed together by a truly ridiculous cream cheese and peanut butter frosting, then drenched in a intense peanut butter laced ganache, can be.

IMG_6859 (1)

I mean… come on…

It is easily the sexiest thing I’ve had in my kitchen recently.

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